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The evolution of the water cooler!

In terms of hygiene, technology, ergonomics and performance, the Connect is, without doubt, the most cutting-edge cooler of all those that attach to the mains water supply. The extensive Connect range includes a model with a ice bank system (Connect), a model with a reservoir cooling system (Connect RI) and a reverse osmosis model (Connect RO).

Maximum hygiene: The entire, end-to-end water path is protected. The control panel is located at a distance from the dispensing area, the dispensing points are covered and there are no taps to sanitize. The unit comes complete with an integrated cup dispenser.

Ergonomic design: Retrieve your drink in comfort, without having to bend over. The high dispensing area permits to fill also mugs, small bottles or sport bottles giving the chance to get more water in one go.

Functionality: The Connect is easy to disassemble, making storage of the individual parts - and the installation of spare parts - as easy as possible.

Comprehensive range: Ideal for any environment (offices, waiting rooms, public spaces), the Connect dispenses still, sparkling, chilled and hot water (95?C).

Higher performance: Connect passed from 22l/h to 28l/h thanks to the introduction of ice bank cooling system. Connect is equipped with the new ice bank which has been completely redesigned to deliver higher performance and efficiency. It is the result of the experience and pioneering nature that characterizes Cosmetal's Research & Development.

Inside Connect

Ice-bank cooling system: Eliminates the possibility of stagnation or contamination of the water. Learn more about our "Ice-bank cooling system". Patented UV system: This system guarantees that the air around the distribution point remains germ-free (all models).

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