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The compact high-performer!

The compact solution that connects directly to your mains water supply, giving you all the chilled, hot, still and sparkling water you need. Designed for use in offices, cafes, bars and small restaurants. With its attractive design, you'll be happy to locate it on your counter.

Patented technology: Just look at some of the features that the Jet offers: no taps to sanitize; covered dispensing point; entire water path protected inside the sealed ice-bank; safety button for the dispensing of hot water at 95°C.

Optional filters: Filters can easily be attached to improve the taste and aroma of the water dispensed.

Economical: Reduces the cost of drinking water provision and management. Allows you to eliminate those cumbersome water bottles from your fridge and storage area!

Higher performance: The refrigeration unit has been completely redesigned to deliver higher performance and efficiency. Thanks to the experience and the pioneering nature characterizing Cosmetal's Research & Development, Jet range today includes two models, 30l/h and 45l/h.   Enhanced performance from the Jet EC (Electronic Control) Thanks to its electronically controlled keyboard, the functionality of the cooler can be monitored in real time to ensure optimum performance.

Practical – Using the digital keyboard, the user can set the amount of water he or she wants to be dispensed (up to two pre-set "doses" for each type of water: room temperature, cold still and cold sparkling) before starting the dispensing process by pressing just one button (pressing the button again interrupts the dispensing of the pre-set amount). Pre-setting the amount makes it easy to fill up cups, carafes and other containers in just a single push of a button.

Dose Counter – this useful device counts the amount of water dispensed (total and partial "doses"), allowing for the constant monitoring of the volumes of water being used. There is also an optional alarm linked to the Dose Counter that is activated when the filter needs to be replaced.

UV Lamp – on models featuring a UV lamp, there is an optional alarm that is activated when the UV lamp needs to be replaced.

Ice Bank – The Ice Bank can be set to either Summer or Winter modes, thus making it possible to control the temperature of the ice bank on the basis of the temperature of the water at the inlet. This allows for considerable savings in terms of energy use.

Water – the system monitors the water entering the circuit and, if the water supply is interrupted, automatically blocks the pump and prevents the dispensing of sparkling water. The problem is highlighted on the display.

Carbonator – the levels of gas being used to carbonate the water are monitored automatically and highlighted on the display.

Customization – the messages on the display can be personalized (e.g. with the customer's name, a welcome message, etc.)

Inside the JET

Sealed ice-bank This cooling system ensures the constant availability of chilled water and removes the requirement for sanitization operations.  Sparkling water The cold-carbonation system provides large quantities of sparkling water, and the carbonation level is adjustable.   Hot water The Jet safely dispenses hot water at 95°C, thanks to its professional reservoir and special safety button. The hot water temperature is adjustable. Patented technology The cooler is fitted with an anti-bacterial UV-ray system that ensures the entire dispensing area remains continuously germ-free

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