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Niagara 120-SL
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Niagara 120-SL Niagara 120-SL Niagara 120-SL

All versions of the Niagara are fully certified and feature state-of-the-art technology, making this model perfect for the instantaneous provision of very large quantities of water (room temperature or chilled, still or sparkling). Ideal for demanding environments in which high volumes of drinking water are regularly consumed.

The entire range is available entirely in a stainless-steel that is highly suited to professional kitchens, clinics, hotels and anywhere else in which hygiene is of paramount importance.

Maximum hygiene: The dispensing head, the neck and the drip tray, i.e all the parts in contact with water, will be entirely in stainless steel, also on the standard model, in order to increase rust resistance and guarantee greater hygiene. Furthermore, thanks to the patented UV system around the dispensing area, the water path is protect all the way to the caraffe.

Cost-saving and space-saving: No further need for expensive, uneconomical water bottles, so you can say farewell to the clutter in your fridge and storage areas.

Security: In order to increase the product security, we introduced an exclusive anti-leakage device which is able to significantly reduce the risk of floods.

Optional filters: Filters can easily be attached to improve the taste and aroma of the water dispensed.

Efficient service: Fresh water on your table in an instant! Furthermore on the 120 l/h and 180 l/h sparkling versions, we have fitted a double coil in order to improve the simultaneous dispensing of still and carbonated water; this makes it possible to fill more than one carafe at a time, gaining efficiency and speeding up the service!

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