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As the most cutting-edge cooler available, the Avant represents the state of the art in terms of hygiene, ergonomics and design!

Ergonomics: Retrieve your drink in comfort, without having to bend over. The high dispensing area permits to fill also mugs, small bottles or sport bottles giving the chance to get more water in one go.

Hygiene and patented technology: The covered tap and the patented UV system around the dispensing area, guarantee the water path is protected all the way to the glass.

Hygiene: Cosmetal developed SST (self sanitizing technology), an innovative bacteriostatic system with the capacity to inhibit bacterial proliferation all along the water path. The SST system maintains the quality of the water contained in the water bottle for a period of 12 months without recourse to traditional sanitization operations, offering advantages in terms of time and money.

Design: The Avant is the fruit of years of research and development aimed at producing a great-looking, ultra-hygienic cooler.

Colors available

Grey White

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